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Dedicated centres


Navisoft possesses proven experience in deploying and running secure dedicated centers for clients that require a range of technological, industrial and market orientations. Navisoft’s services cover the whole software development lifecycle — from initial outsourcing consulting, to deployment and operation. If required, we can also transfer the dedicated development, product design, or maintenance group to the client as a subsidiary. The dedicated center structure allows Navisoft’s specialists to work closely with the client team, aligning services with the client's business needs, and establishing a suitable engagement framework.

Our offering

Navisoft can provide full outsourcing solutions to clients wishing to enjoy the benefits of captive near shore operations (in part or in whole), but lacking the local knowledge necessary for establishing them. Navisoft delivers services at significantly reduced costs while addressing both the complexity of managing human resources, and legal, fiscal, and economic issues for distributed application service delivery. Once established, operations can be transferred to the client in accordance with the client’s outsourcing strategy. We offer different models of cooperation, such as joint venture and build-operate-transfer (BOT) options. Navisoft’s dedicated centers come in five distinct forms.

  • Competence center – these are focused on supporting your team in one or more specific areas, such as a particular technology, market, or industry
  • Product engineering center – our specialist software engineers are capable of creating software products from scratch, or participating at any stage of your product’s lifecycle – from idea, to execution, to launch
  • Support and maintenance center – our specialists work exclusively for you to provide essential professional services to ensure your software products run smoothly
  • Deployment team – we can install essential enterprise applications on all users’ PCs and integrate with existing programs. We have considerable experience in working with legacy systems and can also perform customization as required
  • Dedicated startup center – this option has been developed for startups and mid-sized companies looking to establish near shore operations where risk sharing, high value-added production and accelerating the time to market for new products and ventures are essential


The primary reason companies look to set up near shore or offshore operations is value, and dedicated centers are no different. For a low, flat monthly fee, a dedicated center grants the client access to specialist software engineers at a fraction of the cost of domestic personnel. Close control for the client makes the dedicated center ideal for outsourcing newcomers, while ensuring constant, stable, reliable work.

  • Transparency – Navisoft’s performance management framework guarantees adequate staffing with clear insights into the quality of the services provided
  • Any timeframe – whether short- or long-term collaboration is needed, we can provide the people and skills you need – fast!
  • High level of provider-side responsibility – our clients benefit from close contact with a dedicated center supervisor for a minimum period
  • Elastic staffing – personnel numbers can be augmented or reduced according to your needs
  • Flexibility – Navisoft can work on projects with a high degree of unpredictability, where technologies, project duration and client requirements are subject to change
  • Constantly improving efficiency – we proactively improve the dedicated center’s processes and performance, based on client-specified, business-aligned performance indicators