Navisoft - Software Engineering & IT Outsourcing

Hospitality and travel


Navisoft has over 15 years of experience in delivering software engineering solutions to the hospitality industry and serves all types of companies operating within the vertical, ensuring exceptional value.


  • Shorten time-to-market, so you can react faster to market needs and reduce time-to-market for new products and features
  • Increased return on IT spend, so you get better value, even for mission-critical projects
  • Access to the skills and competences you need, with fast, flexible and scalable staffing
  • Greater customer focus for you. Our solutions help reduce the operational burden on IT staff, freeing time and energy for valuable creativity and customer interaction


  • Experience within the hospitality & travel industry since 1995 
  • In-depth industrial expertise: capable of product development from scratch 
  • Our hospitality & travel solutions are installed in more than 30 countries all over the world 
  • Adherence to industrial standards (OTA and HTNG) 
  • Adherence to security and quality standards (ISO and CMMI) 
  • Wide range of provided services and solutions 
  • Proven references from market leaders

Industry challenges

The hospitality & travel industry, like many others, is now facing a wave of change and new challenges, from a tighter economy, more demanding travelers, and a growing shift to shopping for travel online.

Holidaymakers are planning fewer trips each year, and company executives are aiming to cut the number of business trips taken by staff. Consumers are becoming increasingly demanding: they continue to seek high quality travel experiences and are shopping with greater care and diligence.

As a reliable IT partner, Navisoft can help hospitality & travel industry players meet these challenges, implement innovative solutions and stay ahead of the pack. We provide you with the right solution to satisfy your end customer and make them return to you year after year.