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Software product component R&D

The client needed to develop more with less but retain control. We helped them overcome staffing challenges by augmenting their existing team...

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Building and operating a nearshore development centre

The client had to reduce their products’ time to market. We trained personnel in selected disciplines and set them to work...

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Developing system components for analyzing large volumes of data

Alert Logic required a new flexible service to instantly detect vulnerabilities in customers’ corporate networks that would work in real time and perform correlation analysis between different network packages. The ability to extend the list of detected network attacks and individually control this service according to the specific needs of clients was one of Alert Logic’s main requirements. ...

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Creating a shared knowledge database for storing, updating and retrieving company knowledge for sales and customer service personnel

Due to the continuous expansion and improvement of its service package, Rostelecom needed a tool that would allow sales and service staff to quickly access relevant and reliable information on products, services and tariffs.

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Developing a system for booking plane tickets for Neva Travel

Neva Travel is a leading USA tour operator. The company was founded in 1990. The company specialises in outbound tourism, and has always positioned itself as a fullservice operator. Today, Neva offers trips to more than 50 countries.

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Delivering installer-friendly configuration software for Aastra Telecom

The client needed to offer a brand new product to stay competitive. We delivered unique software to make this happen...

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Developing a multimedia content management system

The client needed a multimedia content management system. Thanks to Navisoft, media can now be accessed by 1000s of users simultaneously...

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Developing speech analysis software for the call center

The Navisoft development team is earnestly redesigning the architecture of the product...

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Developing an integrated QoS system for Ascom

The client needed to widen the customer base of a core product. Following collaboration with us, it is now used by operators and manufacturers all over the world...

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Creating Russias first internet payment gateway

Thanks to Navisoft, Russia’s first online payment gateway is the domestic market leader with 80% market share...

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